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Financial and tourism information

Financial Information


Regulation in the Cayman Islands recognises the need for operational freedom and adherence to international standards. International regulators in anti-money laundering and financial transparency permanently monitor and confirm that Cayman’s compliance with international standard meets or exceeds that of most major economies. Cayman is an active participant in global regulatory bodies for banking, insurance and securities supervision and a signatory to all key tax information exchange agreements, including US FATCA and the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS).


The Cayman Islands is home to top professionals in the legal, accountancy, advisory, management, investment, administration, fiduciary, and corporate service sectors. Many of the world’s leading professional services, accounting and advisory firms are based on island.

Legal System

The Cayman Islands is home to top professionals in the legal, accountancy, advisory, management, investment, administration, fiduciary, and corporate service sectors. Many of the world’s leading professional services, accounting and advisory firms are based on island.

For more information, please visit caymanfinance.ky.

Tourist Information

With 71,000 friendly locals to greet you, the Cayman Islands can be found in the most carefree corner of the Caribbean. All three of our islands have their own personality, reflected by the residents and unearthed in the landscape. From the barefoot elegance of Grand Cayman, to the adventurous spirit of Cayman Brac and the tranquillity of Little Cayman, warm smiles and lifelong memories are our major exports.

Strolling the streets of Grand Cayman, you may notice some notes in step with the scenes around you. What you hear is a kitchen band – blending the soul of jazz, the happiness of calypso and the message of reggae. The Cayman Islands shares a wonderful relationship with music, as several festivals during the year bring together everything from classical to contemporary musicians.

The Cayman Islands enjoys a vibrant art scene with over 250 practicing artists, seven commercial galleries, a National Gallery with a permanent art collection and up to ten rotating contemporary art exhibitions per annum, several publicly accessible artist’s studios, and many more exhibition spaces hosted in restaurants and cafes across the island. Our artistry and craftwork echo the energy of our people. Whether we owe it to the talent that develops here or the inspiration that envelops us, you’ll stumble upon works worth taking home.

Architecture in Cayman is a spectrum as well, with some structures still taking stylistic cues from the Old World. Through our carpentry and stonework, the buildings of the Cayman Islands have grown right alongside our population. And whether you open our doors to paintings or performances, you’ll often find masterpieces housing masterpieces.

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Sunset over a beach in the Cayman Islands
Two green parrots sit on a tree branch in the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Compliance Association Logo Idealogy

This logo captures the essence of the Caribbean’s allure and the distinctive charm of the Cayman Islands. At its heart, an elegant sea turtle gracefully navigates through the rhythm of the waves, embodying the company’s enduring commitment to resilience, longevity, and a deep reverence for nature.

The turtle’s meticulously rendered head and limbs exemplify the company’s determination and vitality in serving its clientele. However, it is at the core of this emblem that a compelling narrative unfolds. Instead of the customary depiction of the turtle’s shell, a trio of fluid, water-like swirls takes center stage. These swirls, unlike conventional waves, weave a mesmerizing dance that culminates and originates at three radiant stars.

Each swirl encapsulates the essence of the Caribbean Sea and pays homage to the three unique and captivating Cayman Islands. Symbolizing unity within diversity, these fluid forms mirror the interconnectedness that lies at the heart of the company’s values. Just as the sea turtle navigates the waves, the logo speaks to the journey of adaptability, growth, and innovation that defines the company’s trajectory.

The stars, borrowed from the original logo, cast a luminous glow, signifying the company’s guiding principles and the aspirations shared by its dedicated community. They serve as beacons, lighting the way towards excellence and achievement.

This logo encapsulates the Cayman Islands’ intrinsic allure, celebrating their natural splendor and unity while encapsulating the company’s spirit. The sea turtle and its graceful movement, coupled with the dynamic swirls and radiant stars, form an emblem that resonates with longevity, fluidity, and the pursuit of new horizons. It is an invitation to embark on a journey as boundless as the sea, marked by innovation, unity, and an unwavering commitment to service


The presence of the sea turtle in this emblem embodies the profound concepts of longevity and protection. The Cayman Islands Compliance Association has consistently dedicated itself to serving its valued customers over the past 23 years and remains steadfast in preserving their trust and confidence into the future.


The depiction of the Caribbean Sea’s waves enhances the coherence with the connecting elements. These dynamic waves of the Caribbean Sea not only bring forth a heightened sense of energy and vitality but also align more seamlessly with the overall design. The color of the waves matches that of the waves depicted on the flag.


The three stars in this concept are from the flag and represent the three distinct islands. They also represent the guiding aspirations and unity embraced by the community.

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